OHT System Improvements

Dec 12, 2016 · 2 min
OHT System Improvements | One Hour Translation

Dear Translator,  


We are in the process of improving our system in order to provide better terms to translators and editors, and better quality to customers. You are invited to read about the latest changes below.

In this newsletter: 

New payment system: Better quality - Higher pay

New <<Open projects>> interface

Updates regarding the new Priority Points


1. Better quality - Higher pay

We are currently building a payment scale for translators based on the quality of their work (i.e., great translators will be paid more compared to new translators). Initially, we will apply the rates changes to few language pairs, afterwards we will expand it to additional pairs. Essentially, the better you are, the higher you are paid compared to other translators in your language pair/s.

Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond translators please update your mobile phone on the profile page to get better rates, optional mobile phone project alerts (via text or application) and other benefits. Phone numbers secured with OHT, and will never be shared with any 3rd party.


2. New <<Open projects>> interface

In an effort to make projects distribution and allocation better and fairer, we are changing the << Open projects>> interface.
<< Open Projects>> will show a limited number of individually picked projects just for you. The new list will go live in about two weeks.

Of course, you may still decide whether to do a specific project or not; however, the more projects you handle, the more projects you get. Projects you decide not to translate may be taken off the list, and will no longer be available.


3. Priority points

As you probably know, Editing projects will start offering priority points. Priority points will grant access to projects ahead of other translators as well as access to bonus projects.

The priority points fairly earned until today will be saved and used to set the relative rank before the new ones start. Priority points will soon be granted too for other quality-related tasks (in addition to Editing).

One Hour Translation is focused on delivering perfect quality translations to enterprise customers. We will therefore improve the payment and terms for high-quality translators and cease our collaboration with lower-quality ones.

Our goal is to provide an honest living for all linguists we work with anywhere in the world.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Thank you,
OHT Translators Support Team

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