Your data is secured with One Hour Translation – Heartbleed update

Apr 10, 2014 · 1 min

Special security update to all our users.

As you may have already heard, on Monday April 7th Google informed the public about “Heartbleed” a very serious Internet security vulnerability they found in OpenSSL. OpenSSL is used to secure about two thirds of all Internet traffic including sites such as Google and Gmail, Amazon, Twitter and many others.

Heartbleed allows an attacker to steal information from the site, including personal details like passwords and credit card information without being noticed.

We just wanted to inform you that One Hour Translation is secured. We have implemented all the required security updates and made sure that our customers’ data is safe and secured. Furthermore, One Hour Translation does not save any credit card details on its servers.

We have no evidence that any intrusion took place; nevertheless, we implemented a few additional mechanisms to increase the security of our users and their material.

Since Heartbleed has affected large parts of the Internet, we highly recommend you change your passwords across the web, particularly on sensitive sites (like banking, e-mails etc.).

To read more about Heartbleed, see

One Hour Translation – Delivering Translations Quickly and Keeping Your Data Secured!

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