Translators Quality Policy

Jun 1, 2017 · 4 min

One Hour Translation is the home for the world's smartest translators.

Translators Quality Policy | One Hour Translation

Dear Translator,
One Hour Translation is the home for the world's smartest translators.

We invest a lot of effort to work with the best translators and to give them the best possible terms.

Our system is simple and transparent: the better you are in terms of quality, attitude, volume, customer feedback etc., the faster you will progress. It's totally in your hands!

We reward and promote the highest quality translators. 

We also strictly enforce our quality policy and rules of conduct.

Our goal is to guarantee great translation quality and amazing customer service, and be fair to all translators.

We try our best to make the rules as clear as possible so the decisions made regarding any infractions are also clear.

Please find all relevant details below.


System Ranks, Priorities, Medals and Special Statuses 

1. Elite Translator Status, aka "Full-time" Freelancer

Elite translator status is OHT's most important translator status.
Our Elite translators, ("full-timers") enjoy:

  • Guaranteed full-time equivalent volume of words per day, every day
  • Long-term engagement on an ongoing basis
  • Priority class of their own
  • Work only with our TOP customers
  • The best projects
  • Working exclusively with OHT
  • Better rates over time
  • Other perks and benefits

We'll offer Elite status to top translators: typically Diamond, Platinum and in some cases, Gold.

Our goal is continual expansion of our Elite team by having the best and smartest translators in the market join us, and by providing them with the best possible terms.
We'll  offer top translators to join the Elite team based on the market demand for their language pairs and expertise. 

2. Ranks and Relative Positions

Earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond status based on quality and service rating, peer review ratings, volume of projects and words, customer rating, exclusive customers satisfaction, responsiveness, on-time delivery, project pick-up time and pick-up ratio.
We keep improving the translator's dashboard so you can easily see what it takes to get to the next level.  

3. Other Medals: Reviewer, Language Leader, Editor

Highly-rated translators may qualify for Editor, Reviewer or even Language Leader status.
We approach translators individually when they are eligible for special medal or status.

4. Translators Service and Support

We provide 24/7 translators service and support. Support requests are prioritized by the relevant project details. Note that Elite translators have a personal representative on the translators support team.

5. Bonuses

Bonus priority points, projects, status, and other perks are given based on outstanding performance on a regular basis.

The general rule is simple: smart, high quality, professional translators progress quickly and get better terms, better volumes, better status.

OHT is home for the smartest translators in the world.


Quality and Ethics Rules and Policies 


6. Removal from OHT team

The following actions may lead to permanent removal of a translator from the service, and will reduce the bonus pool to cover the cost of resolving quality issues caused by the translator:

  • Translation quality or translator's conduct directly led to losing a customer
  • Use of machine translation
  • More than 3 justified customer complaints
  • Complete misunderstanding of the source
  • Abandoning 3 projects - note that a project is not considered abandoned if held for less than 10 min
  • Abandoning a 2000+ words project after half of the allocated time passed
  • Serious quality issues (beyond human errors)
  • 3rd project with repeated errors, such as quality, misunderstanding the source, many spelling errors and typos, ignoring the project note, glossary issues, unprofessional behavior
  • Certain cases of system abuse / unethical or unprofessional behavior

7. Account Review Process

The following actions may lead to an account review process.
The review process typically takes a week, during which the translator is not permitted to start new projects.

  • A justified customer complaint (1st or 2nd one)
  • Unprofessional attitude or behavior, especially when communicating with a customer
  • Certain cases of system abuse
  • A delay of over 3 hours in project delivery without prior notice (not including delays due to technical issues e.g. with Workbench)
  • Lack of responsiveness during your business hours, especially while working on a project

8. Removal of Expert Status, Medals, Reviewer Status, etc.

Expert Status will be removed if the translator has no domain expertise.
Reviewer status may be removed in case of abuse of the peer-review system, or unethical/unprofessional behavior towards other team members.

In general, we will not tolerate low-quality translation, unprofessional attitude or questionable ethics. The rules are simple and we enforce them equally across the board.

Please note that some of the policies are enforced automatically.

We wish you a great, successful day, and we are always at your service.

Thank you,
The One Hour Translation Team

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