Translator Newsletter - May 2013

Sep 12, 2013 · 1 min

New WeST – Website Translation Interface

One Hour Translation just released a new website translation interface for WeST, our innovative website translation system.

The new interface is based on InContext™, our innovative technology that lets the translator perform the translation in its original context. For webpages, the translation is done directly on the webpage itself so that the translator sees exactly where the source text is and its context. InContext™ makes the translation much easier compared to translating a list of unrelated strings.

InContext™ is an integral part of WeST projects. When taking a website translation project, you will automatically be given access to the InContext interface that allows an easy on-screen translation.

Language Leaders

We have a new initiative aimed at generating additional income for our top translators: Language Leaders.

Language Leaders are translators who have translated many projects, have a high internal rating and have a high quality index (low refunds, disputes, complaints etc.). The Language Leaders will be the judges and will have the “final word” on issues related to their native languages.

In the next few weeks, we will contact you individually regarding achieving the Language Leader status and its benefits.


Thank you

The One Hour Translation Translators Support Team

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