Send Translations directly to Your In House Reviewers - October 2013 Translators' Newsletter

Nov 7, 2013 · 2 min

Introducing Our New ‘Send to your Reviewers’ Feature – Now Our Customers Can Send Your Translations to Their In-House Reviewers, Directly!

What’s this feature all about?

We just released a new feature on the Project Page, ‘Send to your Reviewers’. This feature allows customers to send the translation you completed directly to their in-country/ in-house reviewers.

The customer’s reviewer is typically a native speaker living in-country, such as local representative, etc. The customer reviewers get a link to the project page and are now able to communicate with you directly via the reviewers’ Discussion Board.

Working directly with customers’ reviewers will greatly improve the customer’s experience and satisfaction with the translation, as well as prevent complaints over minor issues. This will also increase the chances of the customer selecting you as a preferred translator. Thus, we would like to encourage you to cooperate with customers’ reviewers.

What it means to you

The new feature simplifies the review process for you, as well as for the customer. It allows direct communication with the customers’ in-house reviewers via the Discussion Board. 
The customers’ reviewers are now able to upload their comments onto the Project Page:

Note that once posted, you should treat the review as if it came from the customer directly. You will, of course, be able to communicate with the customers’ reviewers, address their concerns over the Discussion Board, and revise your translation as needed.

We are looking forward to hear your feedback! Please share it with us either via our contact page or leave your feedback on our translators’ forum

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