One Hour Translation – Translators Newsletter February 2012

September 11th, 2013

Your Translator Inbox

As some of you may have noticed we recently auto-deleted old messages in your translator Inbox in the system. The main purpose of the Inbox is to provide short-term messages and updates about projects. Many translators complained about a clogged Inbox, thus we decided to auto-delete old messages from the Inbox. Now we only keep messages that are relevant for current projects.
In that regard we highly recommend installing the Translator toolbar, which can be downloaded free here-
The toolbar gives direct alerts when new projects are available.

Scam Protection

As some of you know very well we have seen tremendous growth in the past year. One Hour Translation is handling tens of thousands of translation projects every month.
With our growth in popularity we occasionally see some system abuse from customers translate scams or other illegal material. We would like to clarify our guidelines and ask your help in dealing with these issues. In general One Hour Translation should not be used to translate illegal material such as scams, e.g. used cars sales, illegal porn, pedophilia and terror related material, etc.
We scan the projects using various automated systems but cannot cover all of them. If you see a project that contains such illegal material you can simply dismiss it with the message "Illegal looking material." Our support team will receive the message and examine the project.

The New Mastercard

Most of our translators use the OHT Mastercard as the preferred method of getting paid. We are about to issue a brand new OHT Mastercard. We will send a separate message when the new card is available to order, and will make sure you receive the new card with additional benefits.
With the OHT Mastercard you enjoy direct transfer of funds to your card and the freedom to use it at any ATM and any Point of Sale that accepts Mastercard. To those who wonder, we have nothing against Paypal, but the OHT Mastercard was found to be more convenient by the vast majority of translators.

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