One Hour Translation September 2010 Newsletter

Sep 11, 2013 · 3 min

In this issue:

  • New feature - Human Translation API
  • New feature - Drupal professional translation module
  • New feature - Translation projects statement
  • New feature - Project name

SDL, the world's second largest translation agency choose One Hour Translation to provide all of the professional paid-for human translation for


We are proud to announce cooperation with SDL, one of the world's leading translation service, for providing on-line professional translation services.

Lately we invested a lot of effort in making the translation process as seamless as possible and to make your life as easy as possible. In this view, we have just released the Human Translation API which allows automation of the project submission and retrieval processes from all kinds of software, websites, CMS and other services. along with the API we also developed a Drupal plugin for professional translation and the human translation gateway.

SDL, the world's second largest translation agency, choose One Hour Translation as a trusted partner
One Hour Translation was chosen by SDL, the world's second largest translation agency to provide professional paid-for human translation services on it's popular web-site. Recognizing One Hour Translation position as the web's leading professional translation service, SDL integrated their highly popular web-site with One Hour Translation to better serve their online customers.
You can try it yourself by going to and clicking Human Translation.

New feature - Human Translation API

We have just launched the Human Translation API. The API (Application Programming Interface) provides direct interface to One Hour Translation's professional translation service. With the API we take the automation of professional translation one step further by allowing automation of the translation submission and retrieval processes. The API is especially useful for customers with high volumes of translation.
In the 2 weeks since the initial release the API has already been adopted by leading partners and customers that use it to send massive amounts of content for translation directly from their system.
Several examples for fields where the API is already in use are:

  • Ecommerce website translation
  • Translation for new media companies
  • SEO firms and SEO oriented websites
  • iPhone & iPad & Android applications translation
  • Blog translation
  • CMS translation

To learn more about the API go here -

New feature - Drupal professional translation module

Drupal is an open source content management platform supports a variety of websites ranging from personal logs to large community-driven websites.
The One Hour Translation Professional Translation Module provides one click Human translation to your content.
With the One Hour Translation open source human translation module for Drupal your content can be translated to any language with one click. Using the module, the text is automatically sent for translation and posted back in the local version of your blog. To get the module you can go directly to the module page on For assistance with implementation please contact us using the contact form

New feature - Translation Projects Statement

As part of our ongoing customer service improvements and to make customer’s life easier we just added a new translation projects account statement.
This is especially useful for our corporate users and others with many translation projects, that need to track their account usage. To view your personal account statement, click the "View Account Statement" on your control panel or follow this link -
The account statement can be printed as well for accounting purposes.

New feature - Project Name

Customers with multiple projects often need an easier way to follow their projects rather than just use projects numbers. Now you can, we just added Project Name feature. Project name is viewed on the My Projects list and is editable from the project page. Simply click the Project Name on the project page to change it.
By default the system assign the name of the first file in the project as the project name.

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