One Hour Translation Monthly Newsletter - October 2012

Sep 11, 2013 · 2 min

One Hour Translation becomes official Amazon Web Services Technology Partner

One Hour Translation, the largest professional translation service online, announced today it became an official Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology partner, providing translation services to AWS users.

One Hour Translation will allow AWS users to benefit from high quality business translation coupled with cutting-edge technologies such as translation API, Content Management Systems, plugins and advanced online project management tools.

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New Business Center provides all the necessary information for translation and localization for your business

The new One Hour Translation Business Center is designed to help businesses make the most from using translation services. The Business Center includes best practices and recommendations for guaranteeing high quality translation process. It also covers the different expert translation services at One Hour Translation including website localization, legal translation and others.

The business center also provides useful information about how to approach the organization's translation needs, and what important issues should be considered when starting a translation or localization project.
You are welcome to visit the translation business center.

Ecommerce Survey by One Hour Translation shows a 10 Times Increase in International Sales from Localized Websites

A new study by One Hour Translation shows that 69% of websites that localized their content to other languages, reported up to 10 times increase in sales from relevant countries.

Less than a year ago, Best Buy reported that customers' average purchase on the Spanish version of its U.S. website is more than double the average purchase on the English website. The company indicated that the investment in the Spanish translation of the site was covered within few months.

Read the full article on Yahoo Finance!


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