One Hour Translation Monthly Newsletter - January 2013

Sep 11, 2013 · 2 min
One Hour Translation Monthly Newsletter - January 2013 | One Hour Translation

Free Website translation widget

One Hour Translation just launched WeST-Lite, an easy way to translate any site using One Hour Translation’s enhanced machine translation.

WeST-Lite provides enhanced machine translation to any web-site. Implementation is easy - all it takes is adding few lines of code to your website. No registration required and it's free.

WeST-Lite adds a floating flag on the side of the web-page that allows users to select the site language.

The translation provided by WeST-Lite is free-of-charge enhanced machine translation.

The enhancement is based on the One Hour Translation's – Translation Memory Cloud.

The Translation Memory Cloud is a glossary platform that provides professional translation for commonly used sentences. Users of WeST-Lite benefit from professional human translation for parts of their sites, free of charge.

To start using WeST-Lite Now please visit the WeST-Lite page

Customer story with Leore Jacobs, product manager at BlueSnap – a global e-Commerce solutions provider

BlueSnap is a global e-Commerce solutions provider that builds and manages online businesses for thousands of software publishers, Web hosting companies, and online retailers. As part of their service, BlueSnap offers their sellers the whole checkout process in their customers' native language.

Altogether, BlueSnap offers their checkout pages in 28 different languages, all translated with One Hour Translation.

To watch the video click here

Amazing photos of the best over the water hotels

View our recent One Hour Translation Photos post on the most amazing over the water hotels in the world - 

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