One Hour Translation Monthly Newsletter - August 2012

Sep 11, 2013 · 1 min

Why are Chinese Translations important?  Plus a few other things you may not have known about the Chinese Economy.

Although China recently experienced a decrease of 7.6 percent in its second quarter economic growth (down from 9.5 percent last year). The Chinese economy is still strong. For this reason, foreign companies must continue to invest in Chinese translation services. At the same time, accurate Chinese translations are difficult to come by.

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Our recent customer story with Jonathan Abratt, Director of Business Development of the ZAP group

The Zap Group develops mobile applications specializing in mobile e-commerce solutions.  Among its products are QR Droid, Zapper Scanner and

Mr. Abratt uses One Hour Translation to localize the ZAP Group’s mobile apps to fit its customers' needs.

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Why a Style Guide and Glossary Can Lead to More Accurate Translation.

Style guides have long been used in computer programming languages, to achieve consistency and bug-free applications. Yet many people often overlook the importance of Style Guides and Glossary when it comes to preparing material for translation. The following post explains how a little bit of preparation can greatly improve the translated result.

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