One Hour Translation - May 2012 Newsletter

Sep 11, 2013 · 1 min

TopicBay – One Hour Translation Case Study

TopicBay, a market place for pre-written unique articles, has chosen One Hour Translation as its exclusive translation provider. Topicbay will provide its customers with seamless translation of the written content to any of the 60 languages supported by One Hour Translation.
To read the full case study please click here

New mobile application – Compliments

About 2 weeks ago we released Compliments, an Android mobile application that lets you give compliments in different categories in a language of your choice. 
Compliments is great for doing business with non-native English speakers. Anyone can use it in order to break the ice or show your business partners you respect them and their language. 
Compliments include everything from a simple, yet effective "Good Job" or "Your presentation was great," all the way to "I want to express my sincere appreciation for your advance planning, which made the conference such a success."
You can download the application for free at:

Cooperation between One Hour Translation and Britannica

One Hour Translation cooperates with Britannica to offer professional human translation to users of the popular AlJazem online dictionary. 
Britannica runs Al-Jazem, one of the most popular online English-Arabic-English dictionaries on the Internet. By leveraging One Hour Translation's professional human translation service Britannica offers its users professional, fast translation service.


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