One Hour Translation May 2010 Newsletter

Sep 11, 2013 · 4 min

Dear Translator,

Thank you for being a member of our translators’ community. We have few updates we wanted to share with you.
This newsletter covers:

  • The new translator's status indicators
  • Additional parameters on your profile page - Reallocated projects, Disputed projects
  • The updated Affiliate Program
  • Proofreading VS. Review

New translator’s status indicators
As you may have noticed we recently added status icons. You can see the status icons next to your photo when displayed on your control panel page, the home page and next to your name when you work on a project.
Translators now have bronze, silver, gold or platinum status, according to rating, number of projects done, number of words translated recent project date, number of Reallocated projects and other parameters.
In short the more high quality translations you perform on the site the higher your status.
Higher status grants priority in project allocation and in some cases exclusivity with projects or customers.

Additional parameters on your profile page
In order to maintain quality and compensate high quality translators, One Hour Translation is taking into account large number of parameters when allocating projects.
We added 2 of these parameters to your profile page:

  • Number of Reallocated projects - A project is Reallocated and sent to another translator when the customer is not satisfied with the translation. This service is done free of charge, so the customer does not pay for the projects. High number of Reallocated projects reduces the chances of getting new projects. When a project is Reallocated for reasons behind the translator's control we do not count that as a Reallocated project.
  • Number of Disputed projects - Customers file a dispute on a project when there is material problem with the translation or the translator. Translation quality and customer satisfaction are the most important things to us. When there is a justified dispute the customer gets a new translation for free as well as additional compensation. One Hour Translation would like to keep working with translators that customers are happy with.

What can you do to prevent Reallocate or Dispute? Simply follow the guidelines:

  • Make sure the translation is not literal "word-for-word" but rather conveys the meaning
  • Make sure the translation reads well in the target language
  • Make sure the translation is clean of typos, spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Be responsive and communicate with the customer via the Discussion Board as needed.
  • Remember, most of our customers are businesses that check the translations with native speakers.
  • One Hour Translation checks translations as well, translators who do not keep our quality standards are removed from the site.

The updated Affiliate program
We have an updated Affiliate program, you can read about the afilliate program Here
In essence, you get a share of each and every transaction a customer you sent us made over an entire year.
All you need to do is publish your affiliate link (to be found on the Affiliate page linked above).
You can publish your affiliate link on your:

  • Email signature
  • Blog
  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Any other publication esp. online publications


This can be a nice source of income which involves relatively low effort.

Proofreading vs. Review
To prevent confusion and convey the real meaning of Proofreading we will stop using the term "Review" to indicate Proofreading.
We increased the pay for Proofreading projects to 3.5 Cent per word. We expect a translator that takes a proofreading project to use Track Changes, proofread the translation and if needed check the source document and fix what needs to be fixed.
In the future proofreader will also be able to rate the translation.
These recent updates are part of improving our quality of service and in order to show our appreciation to translators who maintain high quality over time.

We will gladly hear your feedback on the Translators Discussion forum on our web-site.
We are at your service and if you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contcat page
You are invited to join us on Facebook and become a fan of our facebook page
And join our discussion forum

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