One Hour Translation March 2010 Newsletter

Sep 11, 2013 · 3 min

In this issue:

  • Make thousands of dollars with our improved affiliate program
  • Google says that automatic translation may be viewed as spam

Make Thousands of Dollars a Year with our Affiliate Program
We just launched our improved affiliate program. With the affiliate program you can make Thousands of dollars a Year, hassle free, simply by bringing us new customers! Our top affiliate, Nick Bischoff (“Supernick”) from the UK, made over $13,000 in 2009.
The concept is simple, you send us customers using your individual affiliate link, and we pay you a share of every single transaction they made over one whole year. The more they buy, the more you earn. Best of all, you can cash-out any time you like.
The plan is plain and simple: you bring us new customers and make money.
If you have a User on One Hour Translation you can start making money right now, if you don't, please Register first.
Your personal affiliate link is:[USERNAME]
You can enter the link in your email signature, e.g.:
"One Hour Translation - the web's leading professional translation service[USERNAME]"
You may also put a banner on your web-site or your blog. Professional affiliates even advertise using AdWords to actively promote the service. The nice thing is; you do not need to do anything special; once a customer clicks the link and registers you start making money!
You are welcome to read more about the plan in our affiliate program page
Thank you and good luck!

Google: Automated translations could potentially be viewed as spam
Many website owners, content providers and SEO companies use translation and localization as a method to reach wider audience and increase sales.
Machine translation, such as Google Translate, is commonly used nowadays thanks to recent technological improvements and the availability of the service free of charge. Many web-site owners, businesses and even leading newspapers like La Tribune in France ( use automatic translation to translate their content. Unfortunately, the use of machine translation can be more damaging than not translating at all. Computers will need human like intelligence before being able to understand and correctly translate even simple sentences.
Not surprisingly, Google itself - the biggest machine translation provider - admits that machine translation may be viewed as spam. As written in the official Google Webmaster blog few days ago:
"We recommend that you do not allow automated translations to get indexed. Automated translations don’t always make sense and they could potentially be viewed as spam. More importantly, the point of making a multilingual website is to reach a larger audience by providing valuable content in several languages. If your users can't understand an automated translation or if it feels artificial to them, you should ask yourself whether you really want to present this kind of content to them."
(-) Xavier deMorales, Mar. 19, 2010. Google blog
Professional translation services, like One Hour Translation, provide an efficient and affordable alternative to machine translation. Using a web-based professional translation service you can get both quality and speed at a reasonable price. Effective communication in foreign markets starts with legible content that can only be provided by human translators.

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