New - Earning priority points

Jan 19, 2017 · 1 min
 New - Earning priority points | One Hour Translation

Dear Translators and Editors, 

We have improved the way you earn priority points. Priority points are awarded to Editors for completing editing projects. Editors will get translation projects before anyone else, based on their points. 

Priority points can be used to get Bonus projects. 

To allow Editors to gain priority points quickly, we will initially give much more (5X) priority points than are deducted per project. 

The original order (priority) has not changed; we have carried it over to the new system.

We will soon introduce Bonus Projects to the Open Project page; getting Bonus projects will depend on the number of priority points a translator has. Bonus projects will have various bonuses like better rate, priority points and other perks.

We are excited to introduce this fairer system. The better you are, the higher priority you will get and the better rate you will be paid.

As always, great translators may become editors.
We base this on translation quality and "pick-up" ratio. The more projects you work on, the faster you’ll get the editor’s badge. 

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