January 2012 Newsletter - Multilingual Feedback Tab

Sep 11, 2013 · 2 min

The New Multi-Lingual Feedback Tab

One Hour Translation just released the new, unique, multi-lingual feedback tab.

The new feedback tab is unique in offering web-site owners a convenient and free way to receive feedback from any user around the world, free of charge. The tab can display different languages according to the site-owner’s preference, user location or other parameters. The site owner sees the feedback translated to English using machine translation, and has the option of sending it to human translation.

To read more and try the new feedback tab simply click here:

Get Your Story out – Win a $75 Amazon Gift Card

Do you have an interesting story behind a translation you did with One Hour Translation? For example, how the translation helped you reach new customers of whom you were previously unaware? Or how a translation saved the day?
Send us your story. If we publish your story as a testimonial or on the news, you will receive a $75 Amazon gift card – no draw, no raffle, no fine print.
If we like your story and use it, you win!

(Please note we will request you approve any story we would like to use, prior to using it.)

One Hour Translation helps eBay merchants Go Global

One Hour Translation and 3DSellers released a new eBay application that allows eBay sellers to translate their product description using either professional human translation or machine translation:


Many eBay merchants target international customers as an efficient means to expand their business.  The One Hour Translation – 3DSellers eBay translation application makes it easy to reach customers worldwide. Sellers can simply select the target languages and translation type they want to use, and have their items translated quickly and efficiently.

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Jun 1, 2017 · 4 min

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