Increased Translation Rates and Bonus for Translators

Jan 17, 2014 · 3 min

We have exciting news! We are increasing rates as well as adding bonuses for translators for each and every project.

When we started the service a few years ago, we wanted to make things simple for customers and decided on a simple flat rate for all languages.

As we all know, the market situation is different in reality, especially in view of the state of the economy in many countries.

To accommodate better rates for translators and still be fair and simple to the customer, we have divided the language pairs into 3 groups: Regular, Common and Exclusive.

The first group, the Regular language pairs; the second group, the Common language pairs (right now English to Turkish and English to Mandarin Chinese); and Exclusive language pairs (like English to/from Scandinavian languages and a few other pairs). See full translation price list.

We are also adding a new Translation Bonus. The bonus is an additional per-word payment given for each and every project. The bonus is paid automatically 30 days after the translation if the customer was 100% satisfied with the project.

So, for example, the pay for General translation in a Regular language pair will increase from 5 cents/word to 5.4 cents/word. Out of that payment, 0.4 cents/word will be applied to a translation bonus. As mentioned, the bonus becomes available for conversion automatically 30 days after the project is completed, assuming the customer was satisfied with the translation. The pay for Expert translation in a Regular pair will increase to 9.2 cents/word 0.4 cents of which will be a bonus.

Exclusive language pairs like English to/from Norwegian, Canadian French, Japanese, Swiss dialects and few other pairs will now pay $0.11/word for General translation, and $0.14/word for Expert translation, and these bonuses will be 0.4 cents/word and 0.8 cents/word respectively.

Common pairs, such as English to Turkish and English to Chinese, will pay 4.9 cents/word for General and 8.1 cents/word for Expert translation, out of which 0.2 cents/word and 0.4 cents/word will be applied to the bonus. We had to reduce the price slightly for these pairs in order to stay competitive.

As you probably know, One Hour Translation is the largest professional translation service online thanks to you and your excellent work. We are continuing to grow, with the goal of becoming the largest professional translation service in the world. We will continue to do all we can for our customers and for our translator community while keeping our margins as narrow as possible.

Changes will take place starting form 22nd of January 2014.

I want to wish you and your families all the best for 2014, and I hope to see you continue to grow with us this year as well.

With warm regards,

Ofer Shoshan, CEO

One Hour Translation

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