Britannica cooperates with One Hour Translation to offer OHT translators free dictionaries.

Sep 11, 2013 · 3 min


Britannica would like to offer you Aljazem, its high quality free online Arabic-English-Arabic dictionary ( You may use our dictionary on different platforms:

  • Use the free Alljazem web site
  • Use the free Aljazem tool on the following link:
  • Download our browser widget dictionary application to achieve the highest convenience and have it always available while you browse the Internet. The widget is currently available for Internet Explorer and Firefox. It will soon be available for Chrome users.

English interface:
Arabic interface:

  • Download our free mobile dictionary application for Android smartphones (the iPhone application will be ready soon). The link to download will be available on Aljazem website in two weeks.

In line with the high standards of Britannica, the world's most trusted and authoritative source of information for over 200 years, Aljazem is an advanced, extensive dictionary service, providing accurate translations of words and phrases, complete morphological (word-form) analysis for both English and Arabic (any inflection of any Arabic verb or noun is recognized!).

In addition, you have an Arabic keyboard and users get pronunciation of words in English, inflection tables, and additional relevant content.

The dictionary provides a great benefit for translators and anyone who is looking for word or phrase translation.

We are sure you will make a good use of these free services.


[More examples]

  • AlJazem fully recognizes Arabic verb inflections, so a search for يشتغلن, grants a translation for اشْتَغَلَ, allowing the user to understand the base form of the verb, complete with diacritics.
  • Understanding morphology also means knowing your affixes, thus a search for بجوهر, gives the user both جَوْهَر the translation of the noun, and a transliterationn of the proper noun (person's name).
  • Naturally, if a user searched for جَوْهَرَة to start with, unlike simplistic morpghological systems, AlJazem will not confuse this word with جَوْهَر .
  • AlJazem also allows for flexibility in the way a user can write a word. i.e., a search of "light house" (spaced) will give the user a translation for "lighthouse", the dictionary entry. In this way, a user does not have to try several writing options to get the translation.
  • Aljazem is constantly updated, so that for exampke, a user will find in AlJazem translations to words and expressions from the realm of the web, such as "captcha" and "blogosphere". They will also find business and economy related entries, like "turnaround" and "buzzword".
  • Aljazem includes not just words also expressions and idioms, in English and Arabic, such as سَيَّارَة إِسْعَاف or غِلَاف جَوِّيّ
  • Aljazem provides lists of English expressions that include the typed word; for example, a search for "break", which provides a list of clickable phrases such as "break down", "break off", "break up" and more.

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