Better quality - Better pay

Jan 2, 2017 · 1 min
Better quality - Better pay | One Hour Translation


We hope you enjoyed the holiday season with your family and loved ones. 

As mentioned before, as of January 1st we will start promoting individual payments to translators.

The rule is simple: the better you are, the more you will get!

We are going to dynamically adjust project payments based on the many parameters related to the translator including:
- Translation Quality - the most important factor!
- "Pick-up" Ratio - how many of the offered projects are done in practice.
- Availability and Responsiveness 
- Status, Time and Projects with OHT 
- Other parameters

Thus, the better you are, the better the quality of your translations is, the more dedicated you are and so forth, the higher your base rate will be.

Thank you and have a successful 2017!


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Dear Translator, One Hour Translation is the home for the world's smartest translators. We invest a lot of effort to work with the best translators