The New OHT Translators Survey - Learn About Our New Plans!

February 10th, 2016

OHT Translators Survey and Newsletter

The New OHT Translators Survey - Learn About Our New Plans! | One Hour Translation

Dear Translators, Editors, and Language Leaders

One Hour Translation is focused on providing perfect quality translations to customers while improving the terms of translators and editors.

As you know, we are in the process of changing our system, and we continue to optimize the terms based on your feedback.

First, we invite you to participate in our new translators' survey, 
Your opinion counts! Please find the short survey here.

In this newsletter, we will clarify some of the changes regarding:
-Translation quality policy
-Additional quality control 
-Projects priority and Priority points 
-Signing projects 

Translation quality policy

First, we assume that the translators that work with us are professionals who deliver quality translations. 
We also know that we are all humans and from time to time there may be small mistakes here or there.

Few points to remember about the quality procedures:

1. Your feedback is important.
    If there are issues with a project, e.g. unable to open files, please contact our Support Team and we will try to fix them right away.

2. Please focus on high translation quality, even if for some reason (justified or not) the customer gave a low rating.
    We can fix an unjustified low rating (simply contact us). There is no justification for low-quality translation.

3. Please be responsive - as you know most customers are under time pressure, we try to have the translator fix small mistakes. 
    Solving the problem quickly makes customers happy and brings about high ratings.

4. If the translation has to be fixed and the translator is not responsive or if the translation has to be rewritten, we will send the project to an editor.
    Note that in this case, some of the mistakes may be deducted from the translator’s monthly quality bonus or from the project pay, depending on the magnitude of the problem.

 5. In some cases, as a result of receiving bad translation, the customer asks for a refund.
    If the refund request is justified, we may also deduct some or all of the project payment from the translator's monthly quality pool and/or from the project pay.

Additional quality control

We have added several systems and procedures to enhance the quality control process. 

All enterprise projects are checked for quality. 

The system grants 1-3 grace errors per project, depending on the project size and other factors.

All other errors may be deducted from the translator's monthly quality bonus. 

Non-enterprise projects are checked using both automatic systems and random human reviewers. 

The same rules regarding errors apply for these projects as well.

In general, do try to check that there are no errors in the project you sign.

Project priority and priority points

We changed the priority system because the previous system was neither effective nor fair as some translators abused it to get ahead of other translators. 

The new system grants priority to Editors for reviewing projects, in addition to the per sentence payment for correcting error/s in the sentence.

50% of the project's word count is earned as priority points upon completing the Editing project. 

Projects are presented to translators based on their priority, 

When taking a priority translation project, only 10% of the project's word count is deducted from the translator's priority points balance.

There is no deduction for exclusive projects.

Also, effectively the priority time is extended, and higher priority grants better access to top projects. 
The new Open Projects page is part of that change.

We offer top translators a promotion to Editor status on a regular basis, depending on their ratings, responsiveness, volume of work with us and other parameters. 

Signing projects

Note that many of our projects are multi-stage projects, ie once a translator signs a project, there are many other steps that follow. 

This means that in many cases after signing a project, there is no way to upload an updated version. 

For that reason, we ask that translatorS check carefully before signing a project that everything is perfect.

Translators Survey

Your opinion counts! We invite you to fill the new OHT translators survey: 
You are invited to fill the short survey here.

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