Multi-Lingual Feedback Tab

Sep 12, 2013 · 1 min

We’re living in a big world that’s getting bigger every day – but ironically that means that we’re all closer than ever before. Decades ago you didn’t have to worry about someone halfway around the world buying something from you, so you didn’t have to worry about interpreting feedback in languages you may not have even known existed.

Today, the world is your market, and the day when you receive your first blast of feedback from a customer that you can’t understand is coming – the only question is when. Allowing your customers to send you their thoughts in their own language will not only make them feel like you are serving their needs, it will encourage them to stay on your site longer and feel empowered to shop more.

That’s why we created the Multi-Lingual Feedback Tab. This elegant tool is integrated onto your site, and your customers type their questions and comments in their own language – which are then automatically translated either by machine or by human being at your option. Don’t make international customers feel like outsiders on your site – let them interact in the language they’re comfortable in without missing any of their thoughts or requests due to language barriers!

Start using the Multi-Lingual Feedback Tab.

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