Multi-Lingual Feedback Tab

Sep 11, 2013 · 1 min

Main Features:

  • Add multi-lingual feedback to any web-page easily

  • Free of charge

  • Multi Lingual - users can see the tab and provide the feedback in their language

  • Dynamic language selection - controlled by the admin

  • Users Feedback is sent by email and is also available online 

  • Feedback is machine translated with Google and can be human translated by One Hour Translation.

  • Fields selection - admin has full control over the tab look and feel

  • Tab skins - Admin can fully customize the tab with any background you like

  • Generate as many tabs as you like 

  • Complete Feedback management system

How to use the Multi Lingual Feedback Tab:
  1. Register to One Hour Translation (free) to open an account. The account will be used to manage the tab/s.

  2. Goto

  3. Click "Create New Tab"

  4. Enter Tab details and click Save.

  5. Copy the generated code by clicking "Get Code" on the Tabs list.

  6. Paste the code on the web-page you want your tab to appear on.

MultiLingual Feedback Tab

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