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Medical Translation Services

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Translation time is key in many business situations. One Hour Translation is considered the fastest professional translation service in the world. Translation time is made of Lead time, The actual translation time, Translator's focus (one project at a time or many), and the Number of translators working in parallel.

High Quality

Translation quality, is the most important thing to us! We guarantee top quality translation using different means: Translators screening - all translators are professionals that translate for a living and only translate to their native language. Translators are tested and manually screened before joining our translators' community.


If you need a formal quote please contact us at sales (at) We charge a fixed price of $0.07 per source word for general professional translation to any one of the 60 languages we support, and $0.14 per word for expert translation, e.g. legal, medical to any language.

What our customers say
I'm extremely impressed with the service from OneHourTranslation and will definitely use the service again as recommending it to others. The translator is great to work with and kept me in the loop as to what was going on with the translation. Great job!! Rating is a 10 as I assume that's the highest rank. thank you!
Michael Levine, CFO at Payoneer