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Wed, 11.09.2013
  In an effort to help PR and marketing firms gain wider international exposure with ease, One Hour Translation has recently announced a special promotion for Public Relations and Marketing firms:...
Wed, 11.09.2013
One Hour Translation, the world’s leading professional translation services provider, has recently expanded its offerings with a launch of a new all language audio and video to text transcription...
Wed, 11.09.2013
Nicosia, Cyprus (PRWEB) August 23, 2011 Growing demand for online advertising coupled with the growing competition over popular keywords in English, is prompting many online advertising and online...
Wed, 11.09.2013
In the past 8 weeks, One Hour Translation, one of the world's leading professional translation services, has been asked to perform over 100 English to Khmer language translation projects. The bulk of...
Wed, 11.09.2013
When Pepsi entered China "Come Alive with Pepsi" became "Pepsi brings your ancestors back to life". Pepsi is not alone; American Airlines" "Fly in Leather" campaign was translated in Mexico as "Fly...
Wed, 11.09.2013
For companies looking to create and maintain a global presence in near real-time, One Hour Translation recently launched the Human Translation API, which can translate up to 55 languages with a...
Wed, 11.09.2013
By offering professional translation services One Hour Translation aims to overcome the language barrier between the people of Japan and the international agencies extending aid to Japan. Right after...


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