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New One Hour Translation Global Survey: 34% of Consumers in the World's Leading Economies Buy More Online in Winter | One Hour Translation
Mon, 27.04.2015
"The results of our new survey are extremely clear: companies selling online are well advised to concentrate their efforts in increasing online sales in the first quarter of the year, immediately...
One Hour Translation's Proprietary Website Translation Technology WeST Now Used to Localize More Than 10,000 Business Websites Worldwide | One Hour Translation
Mon, 27.04.2015
One Hour Translation, the world's largest online translation agency, announced today that WeST, its innovative website localization technology, is now used by more than 10,000 businesses to localize...
Exclusive Data Finds Translation and Localization key to Increasing Global E-commerce | One Hour Translation
Mon, 27.04.2015
With online holiday shopping figures reaching $2.3 billion dollars last year and a higher figure expected this year, the OHT data highlights how localization can attract a greater number of global...
One Hour Translation Launches US OHT-Enterprise For Documents Too Large For Google-Translate | One Hour Translation
Tue, 24.02.2015
OHT-Enterprise offers a full-service translation and localization service for businesses operating around the world tailored specifically to the workflow needs of enterprise-grade customers. The...
One Hour Translation Now Offers Notarized Translations and Translation Certificates in 23 Languages | One Hour Translation
Sun, 26.10.2014
One Hour Translation, the world's largest online translation agency, today announced that it has partnered with to offer notarized translations in 23 languages. One Hour Translation...
One Hour Translation Names Adam Blau Vice President of Sales, North America | One Hour Translation
Tue, 07.10.2014
"I'm excited to have the opportunity to build the U.S. & Canada Business Development team for the largest online and fastest growing translation agency in the world," said Blau. "One Hour...
Translate Any Website Using Professional Translators or Your Own Translators in a Quick and Easy Way with One Hour Translation's New Version of WeST | One Hour Translation
Sun, 07.09.2014
One Hour Translation released a new version of WeST, its revolutionary website translation technology. WeST provides a quick and easy way to localize any website, even sites with no localization...
Spanish Still World Champions for Translations | One Hour Translation
Wed, 23.07.2014
Data from One Hour Translation, the world's fastest human translation agency, reveals that during H1 2014, translations into Spanish (Spain and Latin-America) are the most popular, accounting for...
Get Your Translations Done Faster - With One Hour Translation's New Home Page | One Hour Translation
Tue, 13.05.2014
One Hour Translation is the established leader in fast professional translation. Using an extensive web-based infrastructure, the company has revolutionized the way professional translation projects...


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