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Is "One Hour Translation" a Game Changer for Global Marketing? | One Hour Translation
Wed, 11.09.2013
Marketin Globally No, I am fascinated because localization is really hard work, and this company threatens to make it easy. Particularly for the marketing organization at a mid-sized company, this...
Planning Abroad: Don't Flash Scots the Peace Sign | One Hour Translation
Wed, 11.09.2013
There are countless examples of ways an out-of-towner can fumble in an unknown locale. Make a joke in Thailand about the king, for instance, and you could get arrested. Chew gum in Singapore and face...
Helping the World, One Translation at a Time  | One Hour Translation
Wed, 11.09.2013
Huffington Post Business Assisting disaster victims in Japan and Haiti. After the earthquake rocked Japan, translation companies such as Translia, thebigword, One Hour Translation, and Pacific...
Keeping translation simple (and fast): A Q&A with One Hour Translation | One Hour Translation
Wed, 11.09.2013
Global by Design Which is why I was intrigued by One Hour Translation. Founded in 2008, the company is a web-based translation services that provides services in 50 languages to companies that...
Improve your website with translation technology | One Hour Translation
Wed, 11.09.2013
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OneHourTranslation Launches A Quick Translation Plug-in For Drupal Along With API | One Hour Translation
Wed, 11.09.2013
Fast forward to today. The service costs $ 0.07 per word and there are a number of languages available. The service works by contacting a network of thousands of freelance translators who are vetted...
Profits in e-commerce lost in translation | One Hour Translation
Wed, 11.09.2013
A study by a leading Internet translation service measuring how many Fortune 500 companies offer translated content online revealed that 48% of the companies have neglected to translate their content...
Is Your Website Lost in Translation? | One Hour Translation
Wed, 11.09.2013
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