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Sochi 2014: the five best apps & services | One Hour Translation
Sun, 09.02.2014
Ahead of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Sochi, we round up the best apps and service to help you cheer on your team of choice to victory. een a sign or a slogan written in a foreign language...
Wolf In Bleep's Clothing: Lessons From Ikea's Lewd Toy Scandal In Hong Kong - Forbes | One Hour Translation
Sun, 15.12.2013
Yaron Kaufman, co-founder of professional translation service One Hour Translation, offered up some tips to businesses looking to avoid similar embarrassment and cost. Read the full article at Forbes
One Hour Translation’s API Brings Developers Together | One Hour Translation
Wed, 11.12.2013
One Hour Translation, the human translation service for business has integrated with Google Play and offers an API for its Translation Memory Cloud (TMC). The goal is efficiency: with the TM API,...
Translate your mobile app for global markets | One Hour Translation
Wed, 11.12.2013
Because being bi-lingual or tri-lingual wasn't exactly a core strength of this rather small startup, it turned to One Hour Translation, a professional translation service that focuses on helping...
Israeli underwear e-retailer boosts conversions with web site translations | One Hour Translation
Thu, 12.09.2013
After Israeli underwear e-retailer created a German-language version of its web site aimed at online shoppers in Germany, its conversion rate in that country jumped from about 1% to 2%, says...
One Hour Translation’s Patented Tech Enables Speedy And Accurate Real-Time Translation Of Online Content | One Hour Translation
Thu, 12.09.2013
Though technology facilitates the speed and accuracy of its translations, One Hour Translation’s most important resource is still its 15,000 translators, who have to pass an exam before they start...
Is your business lost in translation? | One Hour Translation
Wed, 11.09.2013
      Watch the latest video at
Use Twitrans To Twitter In A Variety Of Languages | One Hour Translation
Wed, 11.09.2013
Tech Crunch Here’s how it works. You send a Twitter message to @twitrans followed by the translation requested (English to Chinese would be en2zh). A test message I sent: “@twitrans en2zh Testing out...
Find the right translation agency the first time - The Savvy Client's Guide to Translation Agencies | One Hour Translation
Wed, 11.09.2013
bytelevel / reaserch Go global with confidence Your translation agency is your voice to the world. Select the right agency, and the world will hear you loud and clear. But how do you select the right...