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Score Globally with 10 Pickup Lines in 3 Languages | One Hour Translation
Wed, 09.04.2014
If traveling to a foreign land to meet some continental ladies is in your future—and you’re worried your best lines won’t work overseas—fret not. The guys over at One Hour Translation have your back...
Harry Styles' tweets translated into Spanish and Italian | One Hour Translation
Tue, 08.04.2014
One Direction's Harry Styles' tweets have been translated into Spanish and Italian, complete with their own Twitter handles. Translation service One Hour Translation has created @OHT_HarrySPand @...
One Hour Translation sees jump in China-related translations | One Hour Translation
Wed, 02.04.2014
(Reuters) - Chinese-related translations have grown sharply in the last six months despite China's relatively moderate economic growth target of 7.5 percent for 2014, according to data compiled by...
Sochi translation service to launch in UK | One Hour Translation
Mon, 03.03.2014
Israeli translation service One Hour Translation is set to launch in the UK following the success of its Twitter-based Sochi Winter Olympics interpretations. Read full article at The Telegraph
Israeli App ‘One Hour Translation’ Proves Popular at Sochi Olympics | One Hour Translation
Tue, 11.02.2014
The UK’s Telegraphnewspaper recently featured several mobile phone apps that were gaining popularity because of extensive use by tourists at Russia’s Sochi Winter Olympics. Included among them was...
Twitter account translates Sochi Olympics tweets into 75 languages  | One Hour Translation
Tue, 11.02.2014
Beginning during the opening ceremonies last Friday, Israeli translation company One Hour Translation began a Twitter service in which users send a tweet to @OHT with an unfamiliar phrase and the...
2014 Winter Olympics: 10 Athletes to Follow | One Hour Translation
Mon, 10.02.2014
There's no doubt that the 2012 Olympic Games in London were the first "social" Olympics. They embraced social media, were viewable on phones and tablets, and allowed fans to chat and debate about the...
Mon, 10.02.2014
If history is any indication, plenty of companies will be rolling out special promotions on Twitter to coincide with the 2014 Winter Olympics. But I can't imagine many of them being as useful as the...
Translate Your Olympic Tweets Into 75 Languages | One Hour Translation
Mon, 10.02.2014
Twitter users have been discussing the Winter Olympics in many different languages over the past week. Now there's an account that will let you tweet in 75 of them for free. One Hour Translation, a...