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5 Killer E-Commerce Marketing Tips For 2015 | One Hour Translation
Mon, 22.12.2014
by Steve Olenski Offer a native language shopping experience According to exclusive data from One Hour Translation (OHT), the world’s largest online translation agency, the vast majority of foreign...
Multilingual Skype Translates As Users Speak | One Hour Translation
Tue, 16.12.2014
Blau said the Skype Translator is a step in the right direction. "It really brings up a big possibility for business, consumers, to understand what's being spoken,” Blau said. “It’s an exciting time...
Exclusive Data Finds Translation and Localization key to Increasing Global E-commerce | One Hour Translation
Wed, 26.11.2014
One Hour Translation (OHT), the world's largest online translation agency, today released exclusive data indicating that localization of e-commerce sites has a significant impact on global consumers...
Zuckerberg's Grasp of Mandarin Has a Big Lesson for Businesses | One Hour Translation
Sun, 23.11.2014
Mark Zuckerberg’s remarkable display of language facility during his recent Q&A in Mandarin at Tsinghua University in Beijing impressed many people around the planet. But Zuckerberg’s linguistic...
The New Tourist: Chinese and Russians Travelling the World in Greater Numbers | One Hour Translation
Mon, 29.09.2014
With major shifts in wealth and economic influence worldwide come significant shifts in global tourism trends as well. For example, as the moneyed-classes in China and Russia continue to grow, the...
Want People To Download Your App? Translate It Into Chinese | One Hour Translation
Mon, 22.09.2014
One of the great things about the international app market is that through platforms like Apple’s App Store and Google Play, app developers and mobile entrepreneurs can access huge numbers of users...
Start-up of the week: One Hour Translation | One Hour Translation
Wed, 18.06.2014
Our start of the week is, in fact, not really a start up: One Hour Translation See more here:
Couch surfing and more: Tech to keep up with World Cup | One Hour Translation
Wed, 18.06.2014
You can argue whether to call it soccer or football, but as far as the World Cup goes, there's no debate — no single sporting event in the world captures more passion or attention. Here's all the...
Top translation apps for real-time help in dozens of languages | One Hour Translation
Thu, 12.06.2014
One Hour Translation's Twitter Hub Starting June 12, professional translating service One Hour Translation is offering free on-demand Twitter translation services in real time during the 2014 World...