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Speaking the Same Cybersecurity Language–Translations of English Language Cybersecurity Sources | One Hour Translation
Fri, 15.09.2017
With cybersecurity a global issue, organizations worldwide are sharing information and threat intelligence—which usually requires language translations. In the last year, those translations have...
Mon, 12.09.2016
80% of British consumers refuse to buy products from websites that fail to list their prices in pound sterling, according to a report from One Hour Translation. A survey of 1,000 British consumers...
One Hour Translation expands to Lehi | One Hour Translation
Wed, 22.06.2016
One Hour Translation, an international online translation agency, is expanding in the United States. The company has opened its third U.S. branch in Lehi, joining Palo Alto, California and Washington...
Wed, 22.06.2016
Approximately 16% of consumers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States, on average, said that during the last year, they had purchased a...
British app developers turn to Latin markets | One Hour Translation
Sun, 19.06.2016
A new survey carried out by One Hour Translation the world’s biggest online translation agency, reveals that mobile app developers from the UK are investing substantial resources in approaching Latin...
New Survey Provides Insights Into Most Popular Languages for Translating Apps | One Hour Translation
Sun, 19.06.2016
One Hour Translation has released the results of a new survey which provides insights into the most popular languages that English-language apps are translated into by app publishers in the United...
This Is The Most Romantic Language | One Hour Translation
Tue, 09.02.2016
According to a new survey by One Hour Translation, the majority of people think French is the most romantic language of all. If this is the case, then you definitely want to be able to coo in your...
Are Companies Paying More Attention to 'Novy God'? | One Hour Translation
Sat, 09.01.2016
Are companies paying more attention to 'Novy God', the Russian New Year celebration? According to One Hour Translation, the world's largest translation agency, the answer is yes. For those who aren't...
Survey: Would You Ever Sign a Contract in Another Language? Depends on Your Nationality | One Hour Translation
Mon, 26.10.2015
Only 26.7% of those surveyed across 8 different countries responded "Yes" when asked whether they would sign a contract written in a language other than their native tongue. This, according to a...


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