Case Studies

Provide some background on TOPICBAY's business TopicBay is a marketplace that allows publishers and SEOs to immediately purchase prewritten, unique and targeted articles in various niches written by experienced freelance authors. Browsing a category or searching a preferred keyword instantly presents dozens of relevant articles, without the long process of writer-screening, authenticity validating, keyword optimizing, price negotiating and most importantly – that long wait for the article to be written. From now on setting up a new site or enriching an existing one is much easier and quicker –content is no longer the bottleneck. is an organization that aims to bring maps to markets that are less exposed to quality content in the mapping arena. Established in 2011, MapAtlas collected more than 8 million locations around the world, divided by type (city, mountain, and river) and is delivering maps of the places to relevant users in 11 languages.

Provide some background on 6WK's business. We are a software engineering company based in Berlin, Germany. The 6 denotes our 6 founders, and we’re now a strong team of 24. We create productivity tools for individuals, groups and business. Productivity tools like Wunderlist, a completely free and easy-to-use task manager. This year we will be releasing a revolutionary new take on productivity with Wunderkit. Wunderkit will become an industry standard productivity network and will finally let people enjoy effective and seamless collaboration. It will be a single place where everyone will connect and work, all in the comfort of a beautiful and mind-blowing interface. To sign up for the exclusive Wunderkit beta, head over to