May 11, 2021 · 5 min

In a lot of ways, Covid-19 was a boon for gamers and video game developers, including localization professionals. However, the huge increases in gameplay and sales also increased the ever-present challenges of video game localization. The Rise of Gaming Some time in March 2020, people around the

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Aug 14, 2009 · 3 min

At this point in time, there can be no doubt left in Hindi's importance as an international language. It has over 500 million native speakers scattered across the South Asian region at present. It is also spoken in nations like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, and India. Just like India is

Aug 13, 2009 · 3 min

Garnering an international audience has always been the ultimate objective of many Internet-based businesses since the concept of e-commerce first came to fruition. It is no surprise that the world-wide-web makes it a lot easier and cheaper to connect to millions of people from all walks of life and

Aug 12, 2009 · 3 min

Translation at its very core is a simple act. All you really need to do when translating is express the meaning of a text or speech from a source language to a target language. However, like most seemingly simple things, there are many nuances and intricacies involved in this line of work. If

Aug 10, 2009 · 3 min

Computers are quite the popular assistant translation tools-particularly in the form of a translation software-in many a professional translation firm or individual translation service. However, these machines could never be advanced enough or intelligently programmed enough to do translation