Professional and experienced translators must take time away from their business when they’re on holidays, attending professional conferences, or even just on weekends. Market yourself as being available to work during these busy times, until such time as you’ve established yourself. 
This post is dedicated to helping new translators get their business off the ground, because we know first-hand just how overwhelming getting started can be. We hope that the following advice will perhaps reduce stress and help you grow your translation business.
Dealing with many clients at the same time can adversely affect your life, meaning that you’re always stressed, your time management goes out the window, and sleeping peacefully at night is something you vaguely remember doing in the past! It’s simply not worth it! Try to find one or two clients with larger projects, instead of having 10 clients with very small projects.
The purpose of this article is to help you transition from being someone else’s employee to becoming self-employed, and we hope that the following advice will help you take the bold step to reach for your dreams.
Walking away from your workspace when you’re trying to resolve a problem is sometimes not the best solution, so having little treats nearby means your train of thought doesn’t have to stop completely. That being said, though, sometimes walking away from a problem is the ideal way of resolving an issue; because the simple act of leaving the problem area allows your brain/memory to bring the answer to you. You’ll know when it’s time to walk away; you’ll also know when it’s appropriate to stay on the job and enjoy a little treat.
Cryptophasia is the name given for the secret language of twins! The twins may be fraternal or identical, but this phenomenon is a language developed between these two children that only they can understand. In the word Cryptophasia, crypto means secret and phasia mean speech. Today we understand that twin languages are not as unusual as originally thought.
It may not be a simple task finding an agency that’s dependable and reliable; an agency that can handle your specialty field. It’s important to note that translation is a huge area of study, and not all agencies will be able to handle your type of translation. So, before awarding your project to an agency, go online and research the agency you’re considering hiring and check out the reviews from previous clients. Of course, once you find the perfect translation agency for your type of translation work; you’re satisfied with the accuracy and quality of the delivered project, and you received excellent customer service, then you’ll have someone to call on for future projects.
As in all industries, there are good translation services and then there are top-quality translation services (like One Hour Translation) and having just a little knowledge of best practices will place you in a better position for getting exactly what you need – and that is an accurate and high-quality translation. You’re the customer, and you should get exactly what you need!
Most people involved in the study of language already understand the difference between these two fields, but there are many people who use these words interchangeably, which is incorrect. So let’s see what these two areas of linguistics do have in common, and also why they’re so different.
This is a very important question and one that’s discussed a lot in our industry. The focus in the translation industry is always on using native speakers - having translators working exclusively into their mother tongue; so the question arises: Is this a necessity or is it overrated? Could it be that there are cases where a non-native speaker could do a better job? The purpose of this post is to explore this question, so let’s start off by seeing what professional translators’ associations recommend.
There are always different branches or sidelines of your career for you to examine, new courses to take, new skills to learn, ways of differentiating yourself from other people offering the same services. There will always be a new niche for you to slip into, something that interests you, and a way for you to boost your financial status.