The first inhabitants of the Island of Barbados were the peaceful Arawaks and the more ferocious Caribs. But when John Powell, the English Captain, arrived on the island in 1625, the island appeared to be uninhabited. As a result, Powell claimed the island for King James I of England.

Situated on the continent of North America, Barbados is an island nation and independent British Commonwealth nation located in the Caribbean: it’s the easternmost island in the Caribbean and is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Most scientists consider the island of Barbados to be geologically unique because the island formed over a period of many years due to an amalgamation of two land masses.

An experienced, professional translator has great command of both their source and target languages. The most effective way for a translator to accomplish this is to increase their vocabulary, focusing on the words they encounter in their translation projects.

Online writers must always remember that any content they put out there must be immediately engaging to the reader, and by this we mean the very first sentence master grab the reader’s attention and interest. That’s how important it is if a writer is going to survive the tough competition out there today. Your writing must be powerful, it must be concise, but above all you must place yourself in the reader’s shoes and ask: ‘Does this piece of writing immediately grab the reader’s attention’?

It’s really important that translators acknowledge their own worth when it comes to their translation experience and knowledge, because there are clients out there that will try anything to get you to reduce your price. Of course, at the same time they expect top-quality work, and often they expect to receive it yesterday!

The definition of a recession is: ‘A temporary period of economic decline, with reduced industrial and trade activity. A recession is typically identified by two successive quarters of a reduction in GDP’. Other descriptive words for a recession are downturn, economic decline, slump, and slowdown. A recession for any country can be a worrying time indeed for all sectors of the community; while for translators it means that not only are there fewer translations to be completed, translation clients are doing everything in their power to cut costs – and often at the translator’s expense!

Effective proofreading is of vital importance for any translation, but even more so if you’re looking to move up in the translation market. And if you’re a translator who cringes when they see a mistake in print (and we know most of you are like this), then effective proofreading is probably more important for your sanity than it is for the translation!

No-one would ever say that film translation is an easy task – not even an experienced, professional film translator! Because there are so many nuances of both gestural and spoken communication, film translation is considered to be a lot harder than other areas of translation, such as medical and legal.

When done well, film translation has the potential to attract the attention of critics and film technicians all over the world; but when poorly executed, film translation can make a comedy out of a serious drama. And though film translation has all the typical challenges faced by translators, there are other aspects of this type of work that make it even harder.

When it comes to the translation industry there’s always going to be someone more experienced than you are, but this is great news because these experienced translators are generally very happy to share their knowledge at translation conferences. So why not take advantage of their knowledge and expertise? When you start researching these conferences you’ll find that there are many conferences held throughout the world. Again, it may be costly for you to attend a translation conference, but the value received and experience gained will more than compensate for the amount of money you spend.

If you’re specializing in translation, let’s say in the area of medicine, then it’s vitally important that you stay up-to-date with the medical vocabulary. In addition, professional translators must not only be familiar with the latest technology but also know how to use it to their advantage.