Regardless of whether you’re a freelance translator, or you work for translation agencies, the translation industry is a great industry to be involved in. However, most freelance translators would still love to see their business grow, and one way of doing this is to win more direct clients.
The nature of your chosen career as a translator makes you a problem solver, and most clients are looking for someone to solve their communication problems. In fact, translators are in a rather unique position to solve problems due to not only the complexity of their work, but the level of skill required. Realistically, a translator changes roles many times during the process of their job – from researcher, writer, and customer service representative, to cultural expert, editor, word-processor, bookkeeper, innovator, colleague and mentor; not forgetting the fact that translators must be experts at negotiation, sales, running a business, soft skills, and so on.
Today, companies are looking for someone who’s a lot more than just a great writer and translator: besides someone who can translate and offer background and cultural expertise, businesses are also looking for someone who understands their company’s vision. There are a number of relevant strategies for translators on how to market their translation services and deal with direct clients.
When you’re a newcomer to the translation profession, it can be helpful to enjoy the safety nets that translation agencies offer. When you work for a translation agency your translation work will almost always be proofread before delivery to the end client, guarding against what could well be a serious disaster if you should make a mistake.
If you asked every successful translator how they landed their first clients, each one would probably give you a different answer. Some newbies only picked up the phone and confidently (or perhaps not so confidently!) started cold calling, others went back to school, and some volunteered their time and services. Others just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
As we know, there are many different kinds of English spoken right around the world, but the two main variants of English are still American English and British English. An English learner’s choice of language will depend less on their taste and more on their geography, which explains why people in Latin America are more likely to learn American English than European students: European students generally prefer to further their studies at a university in the United Kingdom, closer to their home country.
When you’ve learned a foreign language, that doesn’t necessarily mean you understand the entire language, which may include words, terms, and phrases that have been added to the pages of specialized dictionaries in past years. Any bilingual specialist in a certain area will know and understand their share of these words and terms and confidently be able to prove their language skills whenever necessary.
The first inhabitants of the Island of Barbados were the peaceful Arawaks and the more ferocious Caribs. But when John Powell, the English Captain, arrived on the island in 1625, the island appeared to be uninhabited. As a result, Powell claimed the island for King James I of England.
Situated on the continent of North America, Barbados is an island nation and independent British Commonwealth nation located in the Caribbean: it’s the easternmost island in the Caribbean and is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Most scientists consider the island of Barbados to be geologically unique because the island formed over a period of many years due to an amalgamation of two land masses.
An experienced, professional translator has great command of both their source and target languages. The most effective way for a translator to accomplish this is to increase their vocabulary, focusing on the words they encounter in their translation projects.
Online writers must always remember that any content they put out there must be immediately engaging to the reader, and by this we mean the very first sentence master grab the reader’s attention and interest. That’s how important it is if a writer is going to survive the tough competition out there today. Your writing must be powerful, it must be concise, but above all you must place yourself in the reader’s shoes and ask: ‘Does this piece of writing immediately grab the reader’s attention’?
It’s really important that translators acknowledge their own worth when it comes to their translation experience and knowledge, because there are clients out there that will try anything to get you to reduce your price. Of course, at the same time they expect top-quality work, and often they expect to receive it yesterday!