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Language History:

As with most other Romance Languages, Portuguese began as the Vulgar (spoken) Latin brought to the Western Iberian Peninsula by Roman armies and settlers in the 3rd century BC. When Roman influence waned in the 4th and 5th centuries, the region was repeatedly invaded by barbarian tribes and the language evolved away from Latin and the other Romance Languages developing in the region, appearing as a distinct language known as Old Portuguese as early as the 5th century and appearing in written form in the 9th century. By the 13th century Portugal stabilized as a distinct cultural and political region, and the Portuguese language had attained its modern form. Portugal once enjoyed a vast worldwide empire of colonies and as a result the language has spread all over the world.

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About our professional Portuguese translators:

Our translators are expert both in the technical aspects of the Portuguese language as well as the cultural underpinnings that give phrases and words more than just literal meanings. Native speakers, they enjoy an expertise and deep background of experience far beyond most of the translation professionals out there. They are familiar with all major dialects of Portuguese, including Brazilian Portuguese, and work every day in many language pairs, keeping their skills and background knowledge up-to-date.

Number of people speaking Portuguese-

Approximately 215 million native speakers.

Dialects: Brazilian Portuguese, African Portuguese.

Countries Spoken: Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and São Tomé and Príncipe.

Some Fun Facts About Portugal:

Portugal is technically the oldest country in Europe, having maintained exactly the same borders since 1139. Portuguese and the Gallican language spoken in northwestern Spain were once the same language, and are very similar today. Either language could be considered a dialect of the other, in fact.

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One Hour Translation Portuguese Translation Services

Providing fast, accurate translation services of the highest quality, One Hour Translation is available 24x7 to provide legal translation services in over 73 languages and 2000 language pairings. Our certified, professional translators are native-speakers who typically live in-country and have a deep comprehension of the language and its culture and dialects. These high internal standards allow One Hour Translation to guarantee that the legal translation work we deliver will be indistinguishable from work performed by a native-speaking lawyer. We concentrate on commercial law, corporate law, tax law, patent and intellectual property law, and the translation of certificates.

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Our clients rely on us not only to meet their legal needs but to provide timely and extremely high quality services.  Securing translations of foreign documents  is integral to everything that we do.  We can always rely on One Hour Translation to provide excellent translations in record time at a fair price.   In today’s competitive legal market, it’s important to impress our clients.  One Hour Translation helps us do that.


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Translate your Website to Portuguese

We developed our innovative website translation (WEST) platform to allow our customers to translate their website into Portuguese through the services of translators who are native speakers of Portuguese. You can specify the region or dialect needed, as well. Visit our WEST page for more details.

Portuguese Transcription Services

One Hour Translation is proud to offer top-notch transcription services as well. We work with all recorded material (audio or video, with subtitles provided at no extra cost). We can provide accurate, fast transcriptions of hearings, testimony, minutes from meetings, and summons for lawyers and paralegals.


Privacy & Confidentiality

Every One Hour Translation professional signs an NDA upon joining our team, which covers our customers in all events. We also sign customer-supplied NDAs when requested; these must be reviewed first. Please contact our legal department (using the ‘Contact Us’ form) for more information.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

When requested we provide certificates of translation accuracy. Our certificates are accepted at all U.S. government agencies (including immigration offices), U.S. courts, U.S. embassies, and other government organisation. This differs from notarized translation, however; notarized translation must be provided by a notary public engaged directly by the customer.