Industry Expertise

Sep 12, 2013 · 2 min

At One Hour Translation we understand that some documents require industry-specific knowledge and 'jargon' and therefore a general understanding of a language isn't enough. To ensure both the language and industry specific terminology is correct, you need

Our team of Expert Translators all have a specific expertise and relevant background and skills to handle projects that require a deep understanding of the subject matter. Our expert translators are divided to 4 departments:

Business & Legal Translations

Our Business & Legal translators have either a legal, business, or finance and accounting background, and each deals with their specific area of expertise. 
For example, financial reports will be translates by a translator with accounting background and experience, while a legal contract will be translated by someone with legal background, such as a lawyer.

Technical & Scientific Translations

Specializing in Technical, Engineering, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Scientific, and Academic translations. 
Our Technical & Scientific translators are required to have a relevant degree and / or experience in their specific field. For example, construction related projects will go to a translator with a civil engineering background, while oil exploration project will go to a geologist.

High-Tech Translation

The High-Tech translation department specializes in Websites, Software/IT and manuals localization, Applications, technical materials, and localization of video games. 
Website, applications and software localization require  specific processes, technologies and experience in order to be done properly. 
Other high-tech related projects require a true understanding of the subject matter in order to be correctly translated. 
One Hour Translation has advanced technologies used for website translation, including WeST and InContext, for translation of software localization files such as resx and po files, as well as other file formats.
In addition to these technologies, projects are sent to translators with specific background and expertise in the subject matter. For example, application localization will be done by a translator with software background and video game localization will be done by translators with specific experience in this field.

Marketing Translations

The Marketing translation department specializes in translation and cultural adaptation of marketing materials, including brochures, commercials, online ads, subtitles, travel and tourism material, new media and gaming.
Marketing related translations are the most challenging, as a certain degree of copy-writing is required in order to adjust the message to local audiences. For example, common American expressions such as "Hit a home run" would have to be adjusted for different languages while still ensuring to convey the same meaning.

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