Online Gaming Translation Services

The virtual game room is an exciting place. Players converge, bets are placed and the stakes are raised. But to truly go global and ensure fair play at all times, game rules, tutorials and terminology must be effectively translated and localized.

Our certified translation and localization experts transform gaming website materials into content that resonates with players in their native language, encouraging more players, from more countries to ante up.

Online Gambling Translations

Online gaming leaders are using our translation and localization services

Translating gaming experiences that consistently engage

As the online gaming industry and its customer base continue to grow, so does the need for translated and localized game rules, tutorials, terminology, and more. 

Our certified translation and localization experts will ensure that your website’s content resonates with players in their native language so that your virtual green felt can be simultaneously flocked to by players from multiple countries around the world. Baccarat, rummy, blackjack, Texas Holdem, and more, our translators are experts at translating and localizing playing terms, user prompts, and player requests.

Online gaming translation services include:

Gaming sites & apps

Our professional translation and localization experts specialize in ensuring your gaming sites and apps are easy to use and pleasing to the eye, regardless of the language your players speak, or the local standards they are used to when gambling online.

Social games

Our translation and localization experts are experienced in ensuring that your social games take players to the next level of user experience, in their native language. We want to help you attract an international audience of gamers, and scale.

Terms & conditions

We ensure the fine print included in your important legal documents is translated accurately and clearly so that those who do choose to read it, understand the exact terms and conditions of your online gaming site or app.

Help desk

Our team of expert translators will help your players receive the help they seek when learning to use your online gambling website or app, in their native language, leading to an overall more enjoyable user experience.

Gaming regulation

Every country has its own unique regulations with respect to online gambling. And when money is involved, the stakes are always higher. That’s why our expert linguists create accurate translations of your regulation materials, in over 120 languages!

Digital ads

We will help you expand your digital reach and engage new and existing players, by translating your digital ads into your target audience’s native languages, as well as by adapting the ads to fit your players’ cultural context.

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