Gaming Translation Services

Mobile gaming has become a major global pastime, but to get in the game, mobile gaming companies must make their gaming content accessible and understandable to all players in all target markets. Our industry-specific expert translators and localization experts ensure your mobile and video games are fun and engaging, in every language, so you can go global and dominate the gaming space.

Gaming Translation Services

Mobile and video game industry leaders are using our translation and localization services

Upping your international game with local translation 

Video and mobile games have the potential to engage and convert global user bases with the click of a button, or the swipe of a finger. But to successfully launch your gaming business in new and diverse markets, technical, yet creative content that is instantly understood by gamers of all ages and backgrounds is required.

Our translation and localization services enable you to grab more players’ attention and keep them playing longer, with accurately and consistently translated console instructions, in-game dialogues, user commands, video sequencing texts, and more.

Mobile and video game translation services include:

Android XML

We precisely translate important data contained in Android XML and Apple iOS strings, so you don't waste funds on repeating content, or time on structuring and formatting text.

Website localization

Our certified game translators precisely adapt your gaming website’s content to the local language and culture of your target audience, taking into account the audience’s needs and sensitivities. 

User interface

Our expert gaming translators will help you maintain clear and consistent text across your game's entire UI, so that it is inviting and user-friendly, enticing players to return and play again and again.

Online & print marketing

Our certified industry-specific expert translators understand exactly how to translate and localize your online and print marketing materials so that they attract, convert and retain gamers, journalists, business partners, and other stakeholders, in any language.

User help

We specialize in helping your target audience clearly understand what it is they need to do to successfully play your games, by translating and localizing help sections, user manuals, and other important educational information.

Social games

Our translation and localization experts are experienced in ensuring that your social games take players to the next level of user experience, in their native language. We want to help you attract an international audience of gamers and scale.

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