Media & Publishing Translation Services

As the publishing industry continues to adapt to an ever digitizing and globalized environment, the need for accurate and timely translation and localization services has never been greater. We work hand-in-hand with print and digital content creators and publishers to generate translated and localized content in over 120 languages, for all media types.

Media Translation Services

Global media & publishing brands are using our translation and localization services

Ensuring your global media materials, resonate locally

Media is any business’ ticket to getting their message out and ensuring it is seen. When going global, utilizing media is an absolute must, as is ensuring that the message publicized is understood by all target audience members, in their native languages.

From social media posts to digital audio and video content for websites, television, and commercials, to print ads, brochures and other physical content, we provide online and offline media companies and publications around the world with fast, accurate and culturally-sensitive translations and localization services, on all relevant media.

Which Media Translation Services does our translation agency specialize in?


From fact to fiction, and entertainment to educational, magazine content being published today must reach and resonate with more and more diverse audiences as if it was initially written in their native languages. Trust OHT to ensure your content’s global success post-publication.

Company blogs

Let OHT transform your blog posts into a translated and localized version of the original content, without losing the feel or accuracy of your company’s writing. This important part of your company’s inbound marketing campaigns can help you go global, fast.

News articles

We pride ourselves on enabling you to retain your journalistic integrity, in over 120 languages! Our expert media translators have the industry experience and knowledge to ensure that your articles read as if they were written by a local.

Online subtitles

From YouTube videos to short films, our team of expert media translators will provide you with accurate subtitles for your digital content in any global language, so you can expand your audience, in new and exciting ways.

Social media

Engage with your diverse audience members on the social channels they love, and in the language they speak. Your message will always be conveyed clearly and coherently.

Press releases

We work hard so your important company news and updates never confuse your audience, regardless of the languages they speak. Our certified PR translators will maintain your press release’s captivating content and tone, without compromising on accuracy.

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