Marketing Translation Services

Resonate with local audiences while maintaining brand consistency. Our marketing professionals are experts at translating global company content in a manner that accurately and precisely conveys your message while appealing to local audiences. And with a team of 25,000 translators translating to over 120 languages worldwide, we provide the flexibility and manpower needed to scale fast.  

Marketing Translation Services

Global marketing leaders are using our translation and localization services:

Create meaningful user experiences, that resonate locally

Want to reach and reel in as many target audience members as possible for your brand or marketing client? You’re not alone, especially when it comes to scaling to new, global audiences and markets. But to create marketing content and campaigns that represent a brand and resonate with each local market, you must possess particular skills, attention to detail, and finesse.

One Hour Translation’s expert linguists offer powerful translation and localization services in over 120 languages. We ensure your business stands out in any language and in any country, so you can penetrate exciting and lucrative global markets and enjoy better returns on your investments.

Marketing translation services include:

Web presence

From websites and company blogs to product descriptions, campaigns and more, our certified marketing translations ensure that your business’ unique content maintains a clear, user-friendly, and effective tone in over 120 languages.

Branding materials

We let your brand’s voice be heard, loud and clear, through highly accurate, error-free translation and localization of your branding material, brochures, business cards, banners, ads, websites, billboards, videos, and more.

Email campaigns

We help you improve the performance of your global email marketing campaigns, by ensuring your content reads as if it were written by a true local, in every target language. Effective communication, with the click of a button.

Press releases

Trust OHT’s certified marketing translators to maintain the integrity of your press releases’ content, in every language, so that important news, such as product launches, partnerships and other company updates, are never misunderstood.

Advertising campaigns

We are your partner in promoting your brand and its offering across borders and in multiple languages, taking into account each country and culture’s sensitivities, needs and preferences. We help you communicate clearly and effectively, every time. 

E-Books & Whitepapers

OHT’s industry-specific expert marketing translators will translate and localize your e-books and whitepapers into over 120 languages, so you can increase interest in your business and expand your global reach.

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