Legal Translation Services

When expanding to new international markets, ensuring that sensitive legal materials are understood and upheld by all your global audiences is critical. Our legal translation and localization services ensure that your business’s important legal documents are accurately represented, ensuring maximum compliance by new customers from around the world. 


Global legal corporations are using our translation and localization services

Creating a new standard for legal translation services

To successfully extend their reach across international borders, businesses and the legal entities representing them must make sure that all parties involved understand their content, regardless of their geographic location or native language, given the sensitive nature of the documents put out for public consumption. 

Our certified legal translators and editors provide corporate legal departments and law firms with high quality, accurately translated and localized legal documents, in over 120 languages.


Legal translation services include:


From sales contracts to maritime contracts, construction contracts and more, we ensure your legally binding contracts are translated accurately so that all parties involved fully understand what is being agreed upon.

Terms & conditions

We know how serious the implications of this major legal document can be for your business or organization, and take measures to precisely translate your terms & conditions so that your rules and regulations are made clear whenever you enter a new market.


When conducting business across borders, it is important that you have the correct permits and licenses in place - and that they be translated into the correct languages, so that your business never runs into trouble with local authorities.

Policies & GDPR

Compliance with the policies in place in the countries you do business with, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is non-negotiable! Our professional legal translators will ensure that the important details of policies aren’t lost when translated into another language.

Service agreements

Our certified legal translators and localization experts will ensure that your purchase and sale agreements, non-disclosures, confidentiality agreements, and more, are consistently and accurately translated, as well as locally compliant.


Your intellectual property is your greatest asset. With our professional legal translation services, you can trust that your trademarks and copyrights will be understood in any language, helping to minimize possible infringements. 

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