IT & Software Translation Services

The IT and software industry is quickly evolving, and new technologies and innovations are consistently being developed and launched around the world. Our IT translation and localization services specialize in creating a common language in each target market’s native language, for businesses offering these revolutionary products and services.

IT & Software Translation Services

Global leaders are using our IT & software translation and localization services

IT & Software Translation & Localization Services

Innovating communication through software translation services

The software industry is a highly technical field, but to appeal to target audience members in multiple local markets, programmers must create content using more than standard code. To successfully develop and deploy software solutions for customers across the globe, agility and multiple local versions are absolute musts.

Increase your software’s usability, readability, and value for each and every user, and give your company an unmatched competitive advantage, with One Hour Translation. Our excellent translation and localization specialists will translate and localize your software, UI, UA, websites, apps, and more into over 120 languages, quickly and while taking into account your audience’s local linguistic and cultural requirements. 


IT and software translation services include:

Mobile & Software Applications

Ensure your app’s messaging is clearly understood. Our team accurately translates your mobile and software applications, so they are simple to use, in every language and anywhere in the world. 

Online content

Our certified IT and software translation services ensure that your website, blogs, and other online content engage and inform new and existing customers about your products and services in your brand’s language - in any language!

XML, HTML, & database files

We help you keep your global workforce on the same page, by translating those files containing critical information about your websites and databases.


From user guides and white papers to legal documents and more, our expert IT and software translators ensure that your various types of documents are accurately and clearly translated so that your business and its offering are always understood.

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