Government Translation Services

With the world and its governments a vibrant mosaic of cultures, customs, and languages, ensuring that each locality’s government and citizens understand the information pertaining to safe and harmonious local living (and information about others, abroad) is key. Our translation and localization services for governments, NGOs and charitable organizations ensure an accurate representation of sensitive and regional information, in any language.

Government Translation Services

International governments are using our translation and localization services

Promoting partnerships through government translation services

Governments may be based locally, but they are international entities by nature and are regularly in close contact with citizens and residents of many diverse countries. As such, there is a real and urgent need for multilingual and localized content to enable effective communication between governments and the people they come into contact with, in their home countries and abroad, while taking into account the highly sensitive nature of the content and inherent security needs. 

One Hour Translation provides governments and government organizations with fast, accurate, and reliable content translations and localizations. We meet all local and international laws, standards, and regulations, and never breach confidentiality. Trust in OHT to deliver secure translated and localized content for local, national, and international government entities and audiences, every time.

Government translation services include:

Website localization

Our certified government translators precisely adapt your government’s website to the local language and culture of your target audience, taking into account the audience’s needs and sensitivities. 

Event branding

We help you create meaningful messaging and content for your government, NGO or charity’s events, so that audiences around the world appreciate their significance, while retaining your brand language and identity.

Print communications

Our certified industry-specific expert translators understand exactly how to translate and localize your online and print communications so that they attract, convert and retain donors, talent, partners, and other stakeholders, in any language. 

Research & reports

We are proud to partner with you to create clear, accurate reports that paint a clear picture of your government or organization and its activities, in over 120 languages, based on the research and its findings, you carefully collect.

Diplomatic documents

We address and attend to the complexity of legal and diplomatic documents so that they’re as easy to understand as possible when translated into your target audience’s native languages. 

Bids, tenders, & procurement

OHT’s industry-specific translators and localization experts specialize in creating compelling versions of bids, tenders and procurement documents in your target audience’s native language so that your government or organization is awarded key contracts with ease.

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