Engineering Translation Services

Engineering is a dynamic, complex, and highly competitive field that leaves no room for error. With our professional engineering translation and localization services, you can enjoy fast, efficient, and fully compliant translations and localizations for every type of engineering content, in any industry, in over 120 languages.

Our certified native speaking linguists have the experience and industry-specific knowledge to match the regional requirements of your documents’ end-users in the vocabulary required by the industry, your global teams, and the market. 

Engineering Translation Services

Global engineering leaders are using our translation and localization services


Engineering translation services include:

Equipment manuals

From functional specifications and safety & operational manuals to user guides and more, our vast experience with the most complex engineering documents ensures you receive accurate, consistent and fully reliable technical manuals translations and localizations. 

Technical drawings

The diagrams, drawings, or illustrations included in your technical manual are no match for OHT!  Our translation and localization experts can overcome any complex technicality, while remaining accurate to the source information, in any desired format.

Product specifications

Provide your global product teams the information they need to build out new features or functionalities and guarantee that all project instructions are conveyed in the clearest and simplest form, in any native language.

Software localization

Adapt your software or website for use in any language. From code strings to user interface to Local APIs and more, we’ll ensure that all cultural adaptations are maintained in full, backed by the most cost-effective and quality-effective solution for your company.

Bids and tenders

Compete to win international projects with the help of our team of certified and experienced linguists professionals. We guarantee that all tenders and contracts are handled kept strictly confidential and are upheld to the highest ethical standards.

Safety Data Sheets

When it comes to potential hazards and health risks when working and handling chemicals, clear and accurate information is paramount. We specialize in fully-compliant, certified SDS translation services in any language, that meet all country regulations and comply with international standards and formats, in any language. 

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