The Importance of Creating and Translating Your Company Glossary

Sep 11, 2013 · 2 min


Even if all a company has is a shared document that outlines the core principals of the business, employee and customer interactions are likely to be smoother and more efficient. What one employee may believe or understand a term to mean, another might interpret completely differently. Even simple measurements can be vastly misunderstood in the wrong setting. Clearly, a company glossary is essential.


For global companies and those spreading across several languages and culture barriers, establishing a company glossary tends to be even more important. What a term means in English could carry an entirely different meaning after a French translation. Due to this difficult problem, contracting out translation services to a human translation business (especially when dealing with a company glossary) can save businesses from loss of time, loss of profit, and confusion.


OneHourTranslation offers its users access to translation experts in around 65 different languages, each with a specified field of knowledge. These professionals are able to help establish a company glossary through high quality Spanish translation, Japanese translation, as well as a variety of other languages. Consider contacting OneHourTranslation in order to establish a quality, understandable company glossary in a variety of languages.


Numbers and simple vocabulary can also be an issue when dealing with a large body of people, but technology and the lexicon used to describe it can lead to confusion and chaos. We all know how finicky technology and IT department strategies can be, but that confusion is only magnified with the lack of a company glossary. Whether it is the training of new employees or the continuing use of a system by all members of a business, having a company glossary that includes technology vocabulary is important.


Do not, however, jump into creating a business glossary without understanding the complexities which lie within their creation. Beginning a glossary without professional services and no plan is like trying to launch into space with a bottle rocket and blinders on. Advanced software, organizational techniques, and even advanced programming can go a long way in crafting an easily accessible glossary.


A glossary is not a dictionary with multiple definitions for each entry. It is a concise resource for the understanding of business and company terms which allows for streamlined communications throughout an organization. Spending the time and resources for such a tool is worth the effort. Be sure to have a plan and contact services such as human translation services in order to cover all your bases. Build a glossary. Be understood. Get back to business. 

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