Guaranteed Quality Translation - High quality translations

Sep 12, 2013 · 2 min

At One Hour Translation we understand that your translation projects require highly trusted, high quality results.

How do we keep delivering high quality translations?

  • We focus our efforts on constant monitoring and assessment of the translators in our community.
  • We carefully select the translators in our community. Only professional translators with rich translation experience are allowed to be part of our community.
  • Fluency is achieved by allocating each project to a target language, native-speaking translator. This way, the text reads more fluently, and the reader does not feel that the text was translated.
  • Accuracy: one of the most important factors influencing the accuracy of the translation is your ability to communicate with the translator. One Hour Translation allows you to send the translator specific instructions in every phase of the project. You can ask questions and even supply your own glossary to the translator. The translator can contact you if they need clarification from you about the source text. This way, you have a translation without deletions or additions: exactly the message you wanted to convey.
  • Most of the translations are evaluated and revisited by a second, independent, native speaking translator. The second translator's job is to find and eliminate misinterpretations, terminology errors, grammar and spelling mistakes. Additionally, the second translator monitors terminology consistency, text readability, sentence structure and format.
  • We constantly improve our translator community using peer review and customer feedback.
  • We modify our allocation algorithms according to the translator's performance. This way, only highly rated translators have access to your project.
  • When you choose expert translation (for texts that require a specialist to translate them - i.e., medical, legal, technical) we find a translator who matches the subject matter and content of your project. Those translators specialize in specific market sectors, thus giving you personalized service for all your specific requirements.

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