Fair Trade Program

Cacao grows on Cacao trees – known as Theobroma cacao. The Greeks got it right when they termed this – the Food of the Gods. While it is not universally known, cacao and cocoa are generally synonymous. These trees grow in tropical regions in over 50 countries. Up to 2.5 million farmers around the...
It may not seem like one of the most valuable commodities, but coffee is second only to petroleum. Coffee production involves over 25 million farmers around the world. Such is the nature of this industry that annual consumption of coffee has now swelled to over 12,000,000,000 pounds. This is...
To facilitate the Fair Trade initiatives, One Hour Translation is offering farmers everywhere the opportunity to enjoy free professional translation services. In a global marketplace, communication is essential to getting the right message to the right people. With One Hour Translation, farmers in...
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