Email Translation Services

Email Translation Services

Fast Email Translation Services for Instant Communication Around the World
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Emails are an integral part of today’s business sector, and with the global connectivity afforded by the internet email translation services are becoming imperative in everyday business communications. To communicate most effectively with business associates and clients, One Hour Translation offers sound and robust email translation services to keep your business connected internationally.

Email translation services at One Hour Translation are exceptional. We have over 15,000 certified translators working at all hours around the clock. Our professionals work with 73 different languages in 2,000 language pairs and all translators only work in their native language.  Our quality assurance team then ensures that the quality of translation is never compromised because of our fast turnaround times with email translation services. Every translation is fast, robust and accurate so that it always reads like it was written by a professional.

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Our email translation services are the fastest in the industry because we are available 24x7 to begin your project. We even offer an online countdown timer that is accurate down to the second so you know exactly when your project is complete. Our professional translators produce as many as 500 word translation in just 2 hours.
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We are very particular about the quality of work we deliver. Because of our commitment to quality we have developed a patented translation review system and utilize a quality assurance team that reviews and double checks the assignment before final delivery.

$0.14 per word
Our email translation services are economical with no hidden fees or surprises. We charge a fixed per-source-word rate that includes all project management costs, uncommon language requests and 24x7 customer service. We also provide proofreading and expert editing services at a reasonable fee.

Types of Email Translation Documents We Translate

routine emails, business emails, personal emails, email memos, business letters communicated on emails, HR related emails, finance related emails, marketing related emails, administrative emails, terms and conditions emails, email marketing campaigns, email newsletters, promotional emails, confidential emails, plain text emails, html emails, pop3 emails, imap emails, web-based emails, mapi emails, attachment emails, monthly emails, forwarded emails, email replies, sales inquiry emails, customer service emails, financial report emails, financial statement emails, terms of service emails, contract proposal emails, confidential emails, government emails, professional emails, cover letter emails, employment application emails, description of sales emails, description of products emails, advertising emails, industry specific emails, service request emails, work order emails, project specification emails

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“We have used the services of One Hour Translation services multiple times because their services are exceptional. They are a team of detail-oriented professionals who submitted their work on time and the quality of work produced by them was outstanding. I had no problems communicating with their team as their customer service team was very responsive and courteous. I will strongly recommend you to opt for One Hour Translation services.“ 


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Languages we translate to

Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and

64 more languages.

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About One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation is a trusted, global leader in email translation services. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of professional translators.  With a team of above 15000 certified translators and our 24/7 service we ensure absolute quality oriented work. Our translators can translate in 73 different languages and can cater to 2000 language pairs. Our translation services are robust, accurate, reliable and precise. We have a Quality Assurance team in place that double checks your work before turning it in. We specialize in all types of email translations include business memos, business letters, and various other documents communicated on email.

Email Translation

Email translation is the translation of email into various foreign languages to communicate with the global community. There are many companies who operate globally and have employees in other countries who don’t understand the company’s native language. These companies use email translation services to communicate with employees in other countries. Additionally, businesses in all industries use email translation services to communicate with prospective clients and current customers.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All of our translators sign an NDA because we are very particular about confidentiality of our services. Our terms of service agreements have outlined additional and thorough security measures. We will sign custom NDAs when necessary and please contact our legal team for more details.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

A Certificate of Translation Accuracy is issued by One hour translation at the end of every project. It is recognized as a legal document by US courts, embassies, immigration services and other government agencies. For notarized translation services, you must utilize the services of a public notary.