Slash translation costs with our Hybrid AI Localization Platform

Instant, high quality and low cost  translations with our HALO  powered platform


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Future of enterprise
is in the present

HALO is an AI powered cloud-based translation management platform that provides enterprise
customers with instant, high-quality translations
at a substantial saving.

What makes HALO unique is its cutting-edge ability to bridge the gap between Neural Machine Translations (NMT), which cannot always be used “as is”, and the high-quality translations demanded by our enterprise customers.

In parallel, the platform trains the NMT engine to learn from its inaccuracies, creating a flywheel effect:

The flywheel effect

HALO seamlessly manages translations
string by string:

  • Some strings are allocated to NMT.
  • When the NMT text requires human input, the string is sent for human post editing.
  • Some strings require exclusive human translation


Higher quality for less money

HALO saves you money by dynamically selecting the best NMT for your material.
The NMT learns from the human post-editing, producing better results and by extension lowering costs for the customer. The higher the NMT quality, the lower the costs.

Training the NMT Engine
Better NMT Perfomance
Increased Savings