Nowadays, customers worldwide utilize several distinct methods of localizing their apps, websites and softwares. Those methods include:

  • Localization files (po, resx, xml, etc)

  • Homemade internal localization systems

  • Several open-source systems

Using the above methods cause huge overhead to customers that need to update their products often, by re-running the translation-implementation cycle over and over again and usually requires special in house personnel that needs to process new translation requirements, monitor the translation process and implement back in the product.


"Strings" service is intended to help dynamic and fast growing customers by:

  • Serving as a central repository for all product resources and translations

  • Semi-automatic translation process that keeps all resources translated

  • Simple import/export of resources

  • Simple API for inserting new resources and fetching translations


On the practical level, "Strings" is structured as a collection of “Contexts”.

Each Context is a collection of “Phrases” that typically belong to the same domain, each phrase contains a source string and its translations to multiple languages.
For example, when localizing an application, each string is represented as a Phrase and all phrases belong to a single Context. This makes it easy to add new strings continuously and export a complete translated repository whenever needed.